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Switching things up a bit today, I’ve decided to shy away from my many complaints about heroics and focus on my Death Knight, and the fabulous world of PvP.  If you’ve spent any time whatsoever PvPing, then chances are you’ve spent more time than you’d care to admit running around in Battlegrounds.

If you’ve ever looked at your raid section of the Character tab while in a battleground, you’ve probably noticed the battleground leader crown next to a player’s name.  And even if you haven’t, you’ve probably noticed the battleground leader tag in the raid chat for the BG.  These players are the first to enter the battleground, and therefore are meant to “lead it”.

But how often do you actually see the battleground leader, leading?

Very rarely.

It’s a symptom of the ease with which one can now simply click “Random Battleground” that the old ways of pre-made BGs are slowly going down the drain.  It’s rare to see a group in battlegrounds really coordinate the way they were meant to while playing the game.

Battlegrounds are meant to be as much about strategy as they are about raw PvP skill.  It’s a game of tactics as well as skill.  That’s why premades are so successful.  You can hop in and simply demolish the unorganized competition.  In an ideal world, this should also be possible with a PuG.  The players should recognize the logic behind a uniform strategy followed by all members of the raid, and stick to the plan.

It’s a sure way to win.  Seriously.

But it’s all too rare these days to find the players designated as the leader actually think for a moment, and lay down a solid strategy, even in the opening moments of idleness before the round begins.  It’s not unusual to find a group of players running off without a single line of discussion in /bg.

Even more seldom, does the leader take charge in times of strife.  If the alliance (sorry to all the gnomes out there- I’m Horde forever) is pushing us back, or the Horde line is falling apart, it should fall to the leader to call in the ranks, form up, and make a comeback.  Often in battlegrounds, when the opposing team gets ahead, the players will give up, start arguing amongst themselves, and lose even more painfully.  Let me say something here:

You can always make a comeback.

It doesn’t matter how far behind you are.  Organization, tactics, strategy and some solid PvP can make a comeback from almost every situation.

It’s easy to see the logic behind having a designated leader in a battleground.  Any PvPer will tell you that when the raid is organized you win.  But there’s a major problem with this perfect, ideal world of PvP domination.

People don’t listen.

Even if the raid leader says something coherent, and puts out a perfectly good strategy, it’s rare to have more than a third of the BG actually follow it.  You usually get people with different plans confusing the whole thing, or people that are just there to get some achievement and don’t care about actually winning.

It’s the same in 10 or 25 man raids.  The raid leader takes charge and lets you down the boss.  If the raiders don’t listen, you wipe.  The boss gets to live to fight another day and you have to shell out a hefty repair bill.  If you ignore the leader of you battleground, you are much, much more likely to lose.  I know the battleground leaders don’t get to choose whether or not they lead, but I think that they should either take charge, or pass lead to someone else.  And if you’re ever in a battleground, do yourself a favour.  If someone puts out a strategy- stick to it.  You’ll probably win.

So, in my own, long-winded way- I’m putting out the question to the community.  How far do you think a battleground leader should take his/her responsibility?  Should they be held responsible to actually lead?  Or are players better off fending for themselves?


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