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For today’s post I invite you to pretend.  Visualize yourself in this situation:

A random Battleground.  Let’s call it Arathi Basin.  Your team has three bases, to the alliance (or horde I guess… not that I condone playing that other faction) 2.  But it’s been a pretty close game.  A lot of back and forth, and your guys are only up by about 100 points.  You’ve been chasing the allies around the Basin most of the game, capping what they leave undefended.

BUT the alliance gets wise.  They double back and defend… let’s say Stables.  Your core raid of around 10 players wipes on this impromptu defense.  Maybe because there’s one of those tree druids that just won’t die, who knows.  But you wipe.  And the alliance gets ahead.  Even worse, the rest of their raid caps the totally undefended Gold Mine and you find yourself down 4 bases to 1.  Stuck in the Blacksmith island, the allies pour in and wipe you again, leaving them ahead by around 200 points by the time you’ve recovered your senses.

In /bg chat:

PvPer #1:  Dude wtf.

PvPer #2:  lame

Pvper  #1:  This is totally fail.

PvPer #3:  You all suck.

Smart PvPer #1:  That’s fine, let’s just try and regroup…

PvPer #1: Screw this.  You people are pathetic.

Smart PvPer #2:  You could always leave…

PvPer #1: There’s no point we’re going to lose anyways.

PvPer #3:  You all suck.

PvPer #4:  gg.  That was sad.

Smart PvPer #1:  Inc BS.

PvPer #1:  So what.  Nothing we can do.

Smart PvPer #2:  You could defend…

PvPer #1:  No point.

PvPer #3: What a fail.

/end hypothetic scenario

A big beef of mine when it comes to the Battleground circuit is the ridiculous degree of complaints that often accompanies anything less than a complete domination.  The second your team starts losing, many people will just give up, and start simply complaining in /bg what a huge fail everything is.  Half your raid starts trying, and even the people that don’t stop to complain start losing hope.

Inevitably, your raid loses the Battleground, amidst much complaining and ‘Woe is me”ing.

If you’ve PvPed at all in Battlegrounds, you’ll probably have run into a situation like this at some point.  You’ve probably had to deal with people that feel that complaining is the only solution to a losing game.  And you’ve probably run into a whole bunch of people that want to tel you you’re not good enough.  Heaven forbid you’re my under-geared DK, and not in full relentless or wrathful gear.  That’s just totally unacceptable.

Yes, if you’re assuming I just had a bad experience in AB, you’d be right.

Although the situation above is totally fabricated, it’s not that unreasonable, and I’ve seen much worse.  No matter how good you are, sooner or later you’ll have to lose a BG, and you’ll find out that we PvPers often are sore losers.

Rant about complaints aside, let’s just take a moment to clear things up a bit.  Let’s say you raid.  Would it not be acceptable to wipe upwards of 4 or 5 times on progression fight, then down the boss, and call it a good day?  Of course.  Raiders are well aware that dying and/or wiping is just a part of the game.

So, the point of this long-winded rant is simple.  If you’re a PvPer and your team starts losing, don’t just start complaining about how everything is awful.  Take a moment.  Take a deep breath.



Everyone will still be there.  There will still be plenty of alliance to demolish.  And you’re going to be doing that whole lot better without all the complaints.  And if you must complain- please do so constructively.


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