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Dance Healing

If you’ve been following this blog, you may have noticed (or just sort of guessed) that I’m not really raiding yet.  Although my PvE toon is certainly my restoration Druid- Flairn, I’m not really in any sort of gear to really begin raiding in earnest.  I just recently got my T9 bonus put together, but I’m still a ways from raiding ICC.

So, outside of the odd VoA run, weeklies (when I can get a group together for them) and the occasional gear up raid through ToC with my guild, I spend most of my time in heroics.  This means a whole whack of time spent putting up two HoTs on the tank and sort of zoning out watching the health bars.

Which brings up the question of- what do you do during this downtime?  Resto Druids are pretty unique in having this problem- most healers have to be almost constantly casting to keep up their heals.  Not so for trees.   We cast a couple spells and refresh them on occasion.

When I was leveling my druid, I spent a bit of time healing the odd instance.  All through Outland I carried around a pretty laughable healing set made up of the odd green and some quest rewards.  It was always 5 or so levels behind me, but it was enough that after I picked up dual spec, I could heal Outland 5-mans.  Before healing one of my first instances, a player who was pretty experienced with Restoration explained healing like this to me:

“Step #1- Put HoTs on the tank.  Step #2- /dance.”

I thought it was pretty funny, but after actually stepping into my first five mans, I discovered it was true.  This habit has carried all the way through to level 80 heroics, and during downtime I still fill the moments with dancing.  My guild has dubbed this habit “Dance Heals.”  While it could be argued that I should be dpsing in time not spent healing, my job is not to dps, and I’m fairly lazy.  I stay in tree form most of the time.  So, when I’m not healing I make use of the most amazing dance currently in the game.  Seeing reactions in party chat will often amuse me to no end.

So, while you’re out there running your daily heroic for some frost badges, just look out for the tree at the back twisting his way through his gearing up.  You might just have found yourself grouping with the World of Warcraft’s leading expert on dance heals (that’s probably not true.  I give credit to the guy who taught me to heal like that… although I never really asked for his main’s name).

So, I’m putting out the question to the blog-o-sphere.  What do you during down time?  Either while waiting for queues or (if you roll around as a tree) during time between heals, or even just pulls?  /dance?  Grab a coffee?  Or just crank up your iPod?


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