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And so it begins.

At the beginning of many great things, there have been an assortment of joyous celebrations.  There has been people cheering in the streets.  Hockey games stop traffic.  Elections shape countries.  And here we stand, you (the unnamed reader) and I on the brink of something truly grand.  Something fantastic.  Something so incredible and undefinable that I’m not even going to try to define it.  I won’t blame you if you shed a tear… or jump for joy.  Those are all perfectly normal reactions, because this is the beginning of something really, truly, special.

This blog.

If you are reading this, then that means you’ve already discovered this blog, and how incredible it is.  This is most likely because this is the very first post, so if you’re reading it, we are probably months in the future, and you just love the blog so much you came back to see where it all began.

So you’re reading this.

If you’re reading this as I post it, you probably want some information besides the very obvious fact that this is post #1.  So here it is.

My name is Flairn, and this is my third attempt at a WoW blog.  I’ve tried a feral druid blog.  A hunter/druid blog with a friend of mine.  A druid PvE blog.   I even (almost) started a DK blog,  since there just aren’t many DK bloggers.  But they all mostly went down the drain, do to my own laziness and boredom.

But for some reason, that urge to write has taken me again, and so I’m heading back into the blogosphere, head held high, spirits on the rise, determined to make it work this time.

What am I making work?

Well this blog of course.  You my dear, fond, friend (and probably only reader) have found your way into a WoW blog, about WoW.   It’s going to be a bit about DKs.  A little about Druids.  Maybe some PvP.  Heck, I might even start raiding.  But the bottom line is, this is THE blog.  This is the one I’m going to keep writing and finish.  If you want a specific niche of WoW, you’ve come to the wrong place.  A blog about WoW is niche enough for me.

So if you’re interested in hearing my inane ramblings about the game we all play, stick around – you’re in the right place.  If you want to be entertained for five minutes every day, then please, put your feet up and enjoy.  If you want to laugh, and cry, and become emotionally attached to something on the web, be my guest – try the couch, it’s lovley.

Because for better or for worse, you have found your way into the Cognisance Council- bringing coherence to the World of Warcraft since right now.

Good luck, and happy reading.


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